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"My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest (Isaiah 32: 18)."


Reveille Agrarian Justice Union (RAJU), is a community based, charitable organization and advocacy group to awaken citizens of the world towards issues related to access to livable residential space and unjust evictions.

The founding members of this organization acknowledge that basic Human Rights and Social Justice have their roots in the biblical understanding of God, Man, Nature and their inter-relationships.

Several nations are witnessing an unprecedented crisis in which large numbers of city inhabitants are either forcibly evicted or squeezed into lesser and lesser urban space. Our struggle and concerns are for those who are manual laborers and workers, who toil day and night for a decent living, yet never receive adequate space in the city. Their wages are so low they are unable to meet basic needs like children's education and health care. Adding to their miseries, they are forcibly displaced and shifted from one place to another and are left unsheltered during winter, rain and scorching heat.

Many of our fellow citizens are homeless, living on streets, and pavements. Many of them are living in blighted settlements. These sections of society are deprived of basic rights such as security of tenure and adequate housing, with no access to schooling, health centers, basic amenities, clean water or electricity.

This organization believes that land is a finite and unique commodity. Land is also a common resource for human existence and livable residential space, which should be shared justly. Livable residential space should include at the minimum, Security of tenure, affordability, habitability, accessibility, location, cultural adequacy, and availability of services, materials, facilities and infrastructure. Access to a livable residential space must be made available to all sections of human society including the poorest and most vulnerable.

Reveille Agrarian Justice Union (RAJU) appeals to the global civil society and concerned individuals to work towards pragmatic solutions for making adequate housing a reality for all human beings.

Reveille Agrarian Justice Union (RAJU), is formed in memory of Rajeev John George (1970 - 2005). Rajeev was also known in his community as "Raju". He was the Convenor of the National Forum on Housing Rights in India and a co-founder of Deenbandhu (Friends of the Poor), a community organization based in India and well known for its innovative approaches to preventing forced evictions and developing pro-poor interventions in city Master Plans. Rajeev was widely admired by housing rights activists around the world for his passionate sense of justice and his creative solutions to the problems of the urban poor. Rajeev received COHRE’s Housing Rights Defender Award in 2004 in recognition of his outstanding commitment to the realization of housing rights for all people.


Our vision is to create communities, which has livable spaces that are peaceful, secure, undisturbed, and favorable to the progress for all people.


Our mission is to advocate affordable housing, to eradicate forcible evictions and to eliminate homelessness, by encouraging research, by discussing viable community solutions, by creating awareness among the general public towards housing issues, and by using incarnational principle of communication and action towards social justice.


We value accountability, courtesy, commitment, diversity, generosity, humility, inclusiveness, respect, sacrifice and transparency in the pursuit of housing for all people.


1) Debora J. Sears,

2) Himmat Masih

3) anil yesudas
Phone: 773-580-6510 (C)


On behalf of RAJU, anil volunteers to connect with the Asian Indian persons in Chicagoland who struggle with homelessness.

We seek volunteers to research on Housing Rights issues.


  • While studying for Master of Arts in Community Development, anil yesudas voluntarily and incarnationally lived in Homeless Shelters (July 2007 to July 2008) to understand homelessness. Please go thru "Sidewalks and Shelters" by anil yesudas
  • Please note that this report is dedicated to the memory of Rajeev John George:
  • The following video contains some information on the work that Rajeev John George was involved in:
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