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"Follow me as I follow Christ... (I Cor. 11:1)

Introduction to GRG:

GRG was launched in 2014 by the joint partnership between Asia Evangelistic Fellowship (AEF) and Adhyathma Vatika. Dr. Jonathan James of AEF and anil yesudas of Adhyathma Vatika were involved in the initial discussions to bring GRG into existence.

AEF International is based in Australia and has served the Lord in 11 Asian countries since its founding in 1960.

Since 2001, Adhyathma Vatika has developed Christocentric formats of worship in the Indian-Hindu cultural context, operating out of Chicago.

GRG aims to teach students who are interested in serving among Asian Indian peoples. GRG has been active in the past by informally teaching some who are presently serving in the Indian-Hindu cultural context, in India and in the diaspora.


Creating conservative, Christ-centered, culturally contextualized communities

Mission and Vision:

Gyan Ratna Gurukul (GRG) aims to create an infrastructure for training, support, media, cultural artifacts, service and worship space for the biblical practice of faith within the Indian-Hindu cultural context.

GRG seeks to establish partnerships with schools, churches, like-minded organizations and individuals in order to connect with and support students who are interested in learning contextualized Indian-Hindu worship to the Triune God in a conservative, Christ-centered environment.

Activities and Events:

Gyan Mandir
GRG actively trains those who are interested to learn the expression of biblical faith in a manner that is theologically conservative and culturally Hindu.

GRG is involved in giving a platform for autonomous groups like "Maha Mritunjaya Mandir" to meet on weekly basis. This group also meets weekly for "Sangam Satsang" and "Vineet Vinati".

Divya Disha
GRG hosts "Divya Disha", an annual week long residential training, every August, in partnership with YWAM Chicago. This training is on invitation only. Please contact GRG for further details.

Akhand Paath
Every year, “Akhand Paath”, is a one day contextualized event, of public reading of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, in its entirety, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, about 50 people take part in 5-15 minutes readings, and about a 120 people come in and go throughout the day. In the past, anil yesudas initiated and convened “Akhand Paath”, in Michigan, for three years at the Kalamazoo Hindu Temple (Between 2006 and 2009). From 2007 to 2019, he has also initiated and convened “Akhand Paath” in the Chicago region, at SAFC. anil plans to continue to convene Akhand Paath on the GRG platform.

Marg Mandir
On behalf of GRG, on invitation, anil yesudas continues to travel to teach contextualization.


GRG partners with AEF, Adhyathma Vatika, RAJU, Divya Destiny Publications, SAFC, Jasmine Computers Inc. and YWAM Chicago. They work together as and when the occasion arises.

Board Members of GRG:

Shaji Matthews
Dr. Jonathan James
anil yesudas


6057 -N- Whipple St.,
Chicago IL 60659
Phone: 773-580-6510

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