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The “Adhyathma Vatika” initiative has been primarily taken up by followers of Abhishikth Prabhu Shri Yesuji. Yesu-Bhakths practice their faith in Lord Shri Jesus Christ in the Indian Cultural Context, which among other things enables them to be prepared for Hindu-Christian Dialogue. It is desirable to have a free flow of communication between the Hindu and Christian community. In order to reinforce communal harmony and to provide best possible personal choices, it is necessary to enter into silent observation, dialogue, and discourse on Hindu and Christian spirituality. We enter into silent observation (internal Dialogue), external Hindu-Christian dialogue and formal Christocentric discourse with the hope that one day a personal dialogue between the participants and God would be established.


The purpose of "Adhyathma Vatika" is to provide a platform for Hindu-Christian Dialogue at a personal interaction level, group level or via mass media. This platform would impart a deeper understanding of the religious, social and political issues related to Hinduism and Christianity, create communal harmony and provide best personal choices through genuine friendships, mutual interaction, study, research, social service and open cordial thought provoking discussions.


We encourage three levels of Dialogue: Silent Observation (Internal Dialogue), External Hindu-Christian Dialogue and Formal Contextualized Christocentric Discourse.

We encourage Christians to enter into Silent Observation (Internal Dialogue) with the Hindus, by visiting Hindu Temples, places of worship and Hindu discourses. At the same time we encourage Hindus to enter into Silent Observation (Internal Dialogue) with the Christians by visiting Christocentric Satsangs and Christian places of worship.

We encourage developing positive and reciprocal communication between Hindus and Christians, by bringing together a small group of people from both communities. We attempt to provide a stage and a format to conduct small group discussions between Hindus and Christians. In seems that Interfaith Dialogue has only been initiated and attended only by the liberals of various communities. We specifically encourage the conservatives from various groups to come in and give their honest perspectives as they see it.

We encourage followers of Christ to practice their faith in Lord Shri Jesus Christ in the Indian Cultural Context, by participating in Christocentric Satsangs. In this format both the Hindus and Christians are exposed to formal Christocentric discourse.

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